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Action-adventure game

Gangstar Vegas is an action-adventure game designed by Gameloft. Much like Grand Theft Auto,  Grand Mafia,  and Saints Row, the world is full of crime, which you navigate as a crook. You can play the game on any iOS device and other platforms like Microsoft and Android. 

Dominate the streets of Las Vegas

Gangstar Vegas follows the story of Jason Malone, a mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. Jason was supposed to throw his fight during the World Championship, but a turn of events led to his victory, which had dire consequences. 

Due to his win, he became the most wanted man in Las Vegas. To survive the streets, you have to help Jason by putting together a crew.

In the world of crime, nothing is as it seems. Your enemies can become friends, friends can become enemies, and enemies can even become your boss. Your life and everything around you is a gamble that you can lose with the roll of a dice.

Gameplay and features

You can use the city map to navigate the city and plan your next strike. Las Vegas is by far more prominent than all the cities in the previous series entries. 

With the city at your disposal, you have access to weapons like machine guns, handguns, and shotguns; you can also use your fists. 

In this open-world game, you also have access to a variety of vehicles. There are 80 missions to complete, where you have to commit murder, perform car chases, and deal with shady business transactions. 

You can download the game from any app store supported by your device. You need at least 2.1 GB of memory to install the game on your Apple device.

Our take

Dive into the world of crime and excitement with this action-adventure game where you’re fighting for your life. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy playing action video games, you’ll enjoy playing Gangstar Vegas. The game has excellent speed chases, fight scenes, and shootouts. 


  • Incredible graphics
  • Captivating backstory
  • Fun missions
  • Great rewards for your adventures


  • Requires a lot of space

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Gangstar Vegasfor iOS


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