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Hungry Shark World by Future Games and Ubisoft Entertainment is the most recent release for the popular arcade series. You control a shark, eating prey, collecting gems, and completing missions. The goal is straightforward — survive for as long as possible while taking up various in-game challenges. 

The latest upgrade

The Hungry Shark series is a massively popular pastime with a simple premise. Chew your way through the blue ocean, growing larger with each fish you swallow. 

The free game is filled to the brim with extras, challenges, and power-ups to keep the gameplay interesting. Plus, the latest title takes advantage of the brand-new iOS hardware, running much more smoothly than Hungry Shark Evolution, its predecessor.

Straightforward gameplay

The gameplay is all about causing mayhem across the ocean. While it’s not as absurd as Goat Simulator or as casual as Candy Crush Saga, this game really gets brutal. Grow big enough, and you can take down a whole whale. 

You start with one shark, but you can try your hand at the 33 different species as you progress. Alternatively, add items to your existing creature using the coins you gathered, such as an umbrella, headphones, or even a laser beam. 

Sharks come in different size tiers and grow by performing in-game missions, which can eventually get repetitive. You’ll have to grind quite a bit to get big, but once you do, the fun truly starts. 

Fun design

All in-game elements look fantastic. Although there’s a lot of blood, the violence is more arcade-style than full-on gory, further developing the overall casual game atmosphere. 

The open-world is massive, letting you explore everything from the lush Pacific Islands to the frozen Arctic Ocean. Various environments are inhabited by a variety of creatures, which informs your playstyle. The design promotes a sandbox approach, giving you a lot of freedom in every mission.

Our take

This title features all the top characteristics from the Hungry Shark franchise. It’s not the most in-depth, challenging game but it ticks all the essential boxes; it offers an engaging, entertaining gameplay experience. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for some casual fun on your smartphone, this release lets you thoroughly enjoy yourself without forcing you to commit to longer-term gameplay. 


  • Straightforward controls
  • Diverse shark species
  • Multiple fun add-ons
  • Sandbox-style gameplay
  • Entertaining visuals


  • Missions get repetitive
  • Relies on grinding

Hungry Shark Worldfor iOS


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