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Pokemon GO by Niantic and Nintendo is a free iOS game that puts you in an augmented, Pokemon-inhabited version of the real world. It employs mobile GPS and in-game maps, letting you catch Pokemon, gather items, and battle other players. 

A real-world experience

Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining traction in gaming, with titles like Knightfall: AR and Ingress Prime popping up to take advantage of the recent tech. However, no game took the world by storm as much as Pokemon GO.

The app uses mapping technology, GPS information, and the smartphone camera to alter how you see the world on your display. ‘Gotta catch em all’ still applies, but the location is no longer an issue.

There are 151 initial species to collect, with some showing up less frequently than others. The distribution can vary significantly depending on the area, though. Since being introduced, hundreds more Pokemon have been added.

Straightforward gameplay

The gameplay is simple. Walk around until you locate a monster, approach it, and it’ll show up on the screen against a realistic backdrop of your current surroundings.

The set of rings around the Pokemon indicates how difficult it is to catch. Whether you’re successful depends on how accurately you swipe the Pokeball Higher-level Pokemon as it can also flee, break out, dodge, and fight back. 

Each capture rewards you with experience points for leveling up and acquiring various bonuses to use in battles.

Regular and raid battles

Poke-battles against other players are always an option. Victory relies on your monsters’ type variety and evolution. The developers also introduced cooperative raid battles for higher-level players. 

Once you hit level 20, you can access raid events with boss Pokemon. You’ll need to spin for a raid pass to join, though. If you don’t get it, a premium version is available through in-game purchases.

Our take

Overall, Pokemon GO maintains all the charm of the late 1990s games while making the most of all the latest mobile tech. It seamlessly blends fantasy and reality, offering a new level of immersion to the players. It joins the franchise series with titles like Pokemon Masters.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a fantastic way to relive your childhood days while enjoying a highly-engaging gameplay experience.


  • Seamless AR implementation
  • Promotes movement
  • Engaging gym combat
  • Challenging co-op battles
  • Diverse creatures to capture


  • Location-based spawning frequency
  • Raid battles require a pass

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Pokémon GOfor iOS


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