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The Grand Mafia is a free mobile strategy game developed by YottaGame. You’re a low-life thug fighting to become the next mafia boss. You have to battle the law, fight against other gangs, and join different units to help you in your quest.

Built for mobile

Grand Mafia is an online game built for both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

The Cosa Nostra crime family needs a new boss, and you’re going to win that title. You fight against the New York authorities and other gangs. Steal resources, join other bands, fight for new territory, adapt your vehicles, and date gorgeous ladies throughout the experience. This is done all in your battle to rise to the top.

To help you progress through the game, make use of the following features:

  • Conquer the underworld
  • Choose your team from a variety of thugs
  • Take part in faction events and online tournaments
  • Customize your strategy and use different combat styles
  • Absorb local business, make your turf more ominous, or date the sexiest girls

Your strategy is your most important tool to rise to the top, but in-app purchases can give you an extra edge. 

The Grand Mafia beginners guide

Follow the immersive storyline to advance through the levels. You’ll earn perks and awards to boost your rise to the top. Because this is a strategy game, you’re in a vast world with many other crooks competing for the mafia boss’s title. 

The Truce shield saves beginners from attacks from other competitors. You get rewards and bonuses faster when you start your journey. 

Make sure to join another unit soon to improve your chances of survival and achieve common goals. You score every time a member of your coalition earns a gift or conquers a bigwig. 

Explore the underworld and drop the easier targets to boost your energy. Then, take on major players like detectives and merciless riders. 

Take part in various simple daily and turf tasks to unlock more levels, earn bonuses, and claim rewards.

Our take

The game features colorful animations and an engaging storyline. You can develop a customized strategy to advance through the levels. Reach the top and become the new mafia boss. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy strategy games, you will love The Grand Mafia. It’s available for Android and iOS. If you like strategy games, you can try Mafia City or Game of Thrones Beyond.


  • Great animations
  • Interactive strategy
  • Immersing story
  • Lots of thugs to choose from
  • Join factions to help you reach common goals


  • Paid content via in-game purchases
  • Subscription service for iOS

Also available in other platforms

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The Grand Mafiafor iOS


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