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Character customization & roleplaying

Lunime is a group of developers known for their popular series of anime-inspired games. They created Gatcha Club (original title Gatcha Life 2) by fusing earlier game elements from their previous works, into an ultimate Gatcha experience.

Adorable and engaging

This game encompasses all things players loved in previous Gacha titles. It combines character designs with numerous minigames, creating the ultimate casual RPG.

Gacha Club combines role-playing aspects of Gacha Resort and World. It works across platforms without requiring an Internet connection. The primary feature of this game is character design. You can choose among 100 characters and add over 600 accessories, poses, and other details to make them pop. Plus, pets are now up for design, too.

Once you create a character, head over to the Studio Mode to create and edit videos featuring ten characters. You can also add a narrator, widening the scope of the stories to tell. This Mode lets you save and upload up to 15 scenes.

Alternatively, you could play the eight minigames that Lunime added. While playing, you earn bytes and gems, the in-game currency used for buying more characters to include in your RPG adventures.

Finally, the RPG feature of this game lets you explore, battle, and complete quests. You can choose among the main story, where you follow an adventure plot, the elemental tower, where you fight monsters inside a simple, turn-based system, and training mode. After you complete the main story, the fourth, hidden option unlocks itself.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this game on Android 9.0, iOS 12.0, Windows 7, and newer versions of those operating systems respectively.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This one is the culmination of Lunime’s games, combining the best of its older titles, including Gatcha Life and Gachaverse Studio. However, if you’re looking for a more serious, eminent RPG, try Dragon Age: Origins.

Our take

Yes. This game gives you many enjoyable gameplay options, combining the familiar with the innovative. It really is a shame then that it is only available to be played in single-player mode.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy the previous titles, this one will be a treat that brings with a few welcome additional features and innovation. Even if you're not, any fan of casual, cartoonish RPGs will love Gatcha Club all the same.

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