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Hundreds of poses

Gacha Club Studio is a role-playing game with elements from RPGs, mini-games, and battles. Along with this is the massive selection of characters and customization options.

Pets and more

Gacha Club Studio is an effective and simple way to design scenes that tell your story.

Gacha Club features ten starting characters and another 90 available to unlock as you play. Every avatar that you gain can be customized by changing the color of items, adjusting hair, and changing the eyes until you’ve made the perfect outfit.

The Studio mode can be used to assemble your characters and their pets or accessories quickly. This mode is a great way to show off your own aesthetics as up to 10 avatars can be displayed anywhere on-screen.

Through creating a scene, you can begin to plan out and tell a story or design a meme. This is done effortlessly through the addition of text boxes. Additionally, you may wish to add a narrator that will help with telling a story.

There is a massive variety of items and characters available for you to discover. These are all unlockable without spending any money in-game as you customize every avatar you possess.

However, the title lacks any multiplayer functionality, unlike other games where you can start playing online from the beginning. While the lack of social options is likely unappealing, there is no toxic community anywhere in the game. Making the app safer for kids and other players.

Where can you run this program?

Gacha Club Studio is available for Windows 10.

Is there a better alternative?

No. However, Roblox is a safe online environment to hang out with friends and play games. Gacha Club provides no social features.

Our take

Gacha Club Studio is fun but simplistic game that’s safe to play as it lacks the online community that’s given the series a bad name.

Should you download it?

Yes. This free app is a great choice if you enjoy creating scenery and telling a story with customizable characters.

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Gacha Clubfor Windows


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