THE LAST REMNANT Remasteredfor Android



A nostalgic remake of a classic

The Last Remnant Remastered is a port of the original 2008 Xbox 360 title. While the RPG had mixed reviews on its initial release due to issues with the technology, many of which are gone. This reveals a fun fantasy title from the company that developed Final Fantasy, Square Enix.

The original story with improved visuals

The Last Remnant Remastered will ask a lot of your device, and while the game is fun to play, it won’t wow you.

Much like the original title, the artwork and the soundtrack for this game enhance the time you spend in this fantasy world. You can explore the different areas using the map and take on quests. The main action takes place with the detailed battle system. It fits into the interesting storyline. It’s also fun to experiment with it and improve over time.

Many of the battles can last for a long time, so there are different options for how you move through them. You have the option to fast forward or use the speed boost so that you don’t need to watch it all unfold in real-time.

You’ll become more engrossed in the action as the storyline progresses. This makes the game fun to play and at the same time it spins an interesting narrative. The controls for the touchscreen aren’t too difficult to master. However, the app doesn’t support controllers or other external hardware.

Although this port has optimized the game for play on portable Android devices, it still requires certain tweaks. Your device will need 6.1GB memory and 2GB of RAM. This isn’t a guarantee that the app will run smoothly, however.

The music design is a highlight of the game. It’s a soothing melody in the background when you travel and explore the menus. Once you’re in combat it picks up the pace and creates a real sense of immersion.

Where can you run this program?

This application requires Android 7.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are some great role-playing games available, try Another Eden or Langrisser. These have more minimalistic visuals but they stay true to the genre.

Our take

This game is a pleasure to play for fans of RPG titles or the original. Due to the size and the demand of the game, it won’t be possible for everyone to play, but there are enough improvements to make it fun and enjoyable.

Should you download it?

No. It needs a lot of memory, and there are other great games out there to try instead.


  • Fast forward option
  • Fun gameplay
  • Immersive art and music design


  • Requires a large amount of memory
  • No controller support

THE LAST REMNANT Remasteredfor Android


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