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Stay on target

Map My Run by Under Armour is a tool for runners that provides many features to help you stay on track to your goals and keep you motivated during your fitness journey.

Goals and community

This application provides value to runners through an application with plenty of features. It’s convenient to track workouts and works well with wearables.

Map My Run is a fitness tool that uses your GPS as a way of tracking various statistics while you run, jog, and walk. It can connect to other applications and wearables to enhance the data collected. The wearables that the app works with include Google Fit, Android Wear, and Fitbit.

Using this application, you can track your workouts and the progress you’re making thanks to the data collected by the app and any connected wearables. You can also receive real-time coaching during GPS monitored runs and find nearby places to run, saving your favorite paths.

The program also has a community feature that allows you to share your workouts with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll be able to see what your friends are doing in the activity feed and join others in challenges as you compete for prizes.

It has a variety of premium features available such as live tracking. You can also use training plans to help you reach your distance and weight loss goals. The membership allows you to monitor heart rate and increase intensity based on the data.

The app does, however, have a flaw. Occasionally during your run, the application will stop working, and you will need to restart it.

Where can you run this program?

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Map My Run is available for iOS 11.0 or later versions as well as Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. RunKeeper - GPS Track Run Walk is a great alternative, but it lacks all the premium features that Map My Run offers. However, the application can track your distance cycled using your GPS.

Our take

Map My Run by Under Armour is a great companion to your fitness journey as it tracks the distance you run and keeps you motivated.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a way to measure the distance you run or jog during a workout, then Map My Run is a great way to do that.


  • Connects to apps and wearables
  • Track your workouts
  • Join the community
  • Many pro upgrade features


  • Stops mid-run

iMapMyRUNfor Android


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