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Intense street racing game on PC

Do you want to become known in the ‘underground?’ You’ve got to be willing to take chances, compete in the most challenging conditions, and be prepared, because races can happen at any time, anywhere. Developed by Electronic Arts, Need for Speed Underground 2 will have you focused more than ever.


Drive around the open city, divided into five different neighborhoods. Enjoy each environment’s variety and different feel. Then, test yourself against tough, real-time weather effects and various road surfaces.

Do this while driving some of the nicest-looking, greatest-performing, and fastest vehicles on the market of known car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Nissan. Better yet, fine-tune one of these many vehicles and make it that much better — improve the suspension, change the tires, add a turbo package, install new brakes, and do whatever else you need to create the ultimate vehicle. 

You can take part in different racing events around the city, visit car lots and tuning shops, or drive around with the help of your trusty GPS. 

Game modes & online play

Whether you want to race the circuit, in a sprint, drag, drift, or even in the tight roads of the game’s Street X mode, there’s plenty to do. You may also enjoy going up against other racers in a match with online play

You may also enjoy Need for Speed Underground 2’s story mode, which takes the player through the intense life of a street racer — you’ll go head-to-head with some of the best in the business. 

Additional information

It’s an arcade-style game that boasts a single-player and multiplayer mode with LAN and online play. Need for Speed Underground 2 is the eighth installment of the game and was released back in 2004, meaning it will work on any modern Windows computer without any issues.

Our take

Need for Speed Underground 2 is a fantastic racing game. It boasts a great soundtrack, incredible cars, and plenty to do within the city known as Bayview. You may also want to look through our list of the best racing games.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a blast from the past or have never tried the game, you should download it.


  • Free roam
  • Great cars
  • Lots of different game modes


  • Outdated gameplay

Program available in other languages

Need for Speed Underground 2for Windows


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