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Clean up your drive

Eraser is an open-source program dedicated to delete all traces of files you would like removed from your computer. It can either delete small o big files entirely off your computer to make sure recovery can never occur.

Free up your computer!

Keeping your information from being recovered by hackers is crucial to your safety.

The program works by overwriting the file that you wish to remove completely. Unlike many standard programs, it is much more robust at deleting than CCleaner. Eraser focuses only on the removal of trace elements.

Also, in contrast to CCleaner, which has had problems with viruses, Eraser is completely safe to download. With its easy-to-use interface, you can schedule deletion whenever you want. To use it, you just need to right-click on a file and it will offer you an option to erase the data.

While quick deletion is not something you want when you are trying to be safe, Eraser works fast when compared to open-sourced File Shredder. The main characteristic it lacks is computer cleaning, which CCleaner boasts as one of its features. 

Where can you run this program?

You can use it on Windows XP and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No, the other options are on par with Eraser. DBAN and File Shredder have the same method of deletion. CCleaner is a less effective removal software program and has had problems with Trojans.

Our take

The software is a solid trace remover. The UI is well designed, and it is convenient to delete packets with its powerful engine. While it lacks extra features, it does offer  a smooth open-source program.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to keep your information away from prying eyes, Eraser is right for you.


  • Powerful deletion tools
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Speedy process
  • Open-source


  • Incomplete computer maintenance tool

Eraserfor Windows

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