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A whole galaxy to explore

This game is undeniably gorgeous, but the grind and repetition may kill that beauty for any player looking for more than what amounts to a UPS simulator in space.

Space trucker simulator

No title has yet captured the beauty and scale of the universe like Elite: Dangerous has.

Frontier Developments brought this powerhouse of a game back in 2015. Elite: Dangerous quickly became a divisive title for a variety of reasons -- most of them justified.

This game is handsome. Every time you jump between stars, you’re encased in a lovely hyperspace animation and dropped right in front of the target star. The visuals and engagement are amazing, and the size of the Milky Way is unbelievable. The developers claim that it’s a 1:1 recreation, so it gives you perspective on just how tiny everything is while still being so huge.

There are a lot of factions to ally with and missions to undertake, but they typically feel like the same missions over and over. While you may be transporting different goods each time, the minute-to-minute gameplay typically remains the same. The modifiers on missions are the only aspect that keeps them interesting. For instance, you might pick up a shipment in one region and have to transport it to another sector where it is illegal. Since peacekeeping forces scan you all the time, the most mundane task becomes exciting quickly.

There are plenty of ships to buy and parts to fit them with. Smuggler players might opt for smaller ships with more cargo space, while combat-focused fans will go for the Anaconda, a massive cruiser with plenty of space for weapons and upgrades.

But in order to get all that cool gear, you'll need to grind for credits; the progression in this game is slow. It also feels empty as you travel, given that there is so much distance between you and the places you need to go.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this game on Windows 7 64-bit and later, as well as Mac OS X.

Is there a better alternative?

No. You won’t find a title that captures the sheer size of space like this one does. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more arcade-like, No Man’s Sky is a good option.

Our take

Elite: Dangerous is a monumental achievement in computer simulator games, but the overall grinding you have to do weights it down.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you can stand the simulation vibe. 


  • Incredible scale
  • Amazing visuals
  • Plenty of ships and parts


  • Tedious missions
  • Slow progression
  • Galaxy feels empty sometimes

Elite: Dangerousfor Windows


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