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Dream League Soccer: Take your dream team to soccer stardom

Dream League Soccer is a mobile game that lets you create and lead your own football team to victory. It's a mix of playing football and being the boss of your team, making it fun for both casual gamers and serious football fans. You can play it on Android phones and tablets, and it offers a pretty cool football experience without needing a console or PC.

Dream League Soccer features

Dream League Soccer stands out for several reasons, primarily due to its features that cater to both casual and dedicated players. While not on par with console counterparts like FIFA or PES, the game's graphics are impressive for a mobile platform, offering a visually pleasing football experience. The real charm, however, lies in its gameplay and the depth of team management.

  1. Real Football Stars: You can have famous footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo on your team, thanks to the game having real-life player licenses.
  2. Make It Yours: You get to create your dream team, choose their looks, and even build your own stadium.
  3. Climb the Ranks: Start in lower divisions and fight your way up to the top, competing in more than seven cup contests.
  4. Grow Your Team: You can improve your players' skills and make your team stronger.
  5. Challenges and Rewards: The game keeps you returning with season goals and online leaderboards to see how you rank globally.
  6. Customize Everything: From team kits to logos, you can make your team look unique. Plus, you can save your progress online.
  7. Great Music: The game has an awesome soundtrack that makes playing even more enjoyable.

Dream League Soccer 2019 stands apart from generic mobile soccer simulators for one main reason: authenticity. Developers First Touch Games sourced the licensing rights to FIFPro. This allows you to take on your favorite players. Recruit real licensed pros from Gareth Bale to Cristian Ronaldo and have a superstar studded soccer dream team. The latest version of the game released this year also offers updated seasonal information and enhanced graphics. The official leagues licensing means you can play your way from the bottom up through six divisions and over seven cup competitions. While Football Manager may nail the managerial experience and FIFA focuses on the players, Dream League Soccer team offers authenticity from both sidelines and field.

The match simulations offer phenomenal graphics and painstaking gameplay. Just three buttons to shoot, aim, and pass enable you to defend, attack, and dribble your way to an epic goal. Play virtually exactly as you would offline. Choose a classic 4-4-2 formation or go alternative. Soccer is all about tactics, but you will still need ruthless attacks to score those goals. The defense is made satisfyingly complex by a ruthless referee to ensure clean play and a pure game is delivered. Remember to swap out your players between seasons and up their energy levels after each game.

From the managerial perspective you can build your own virtual soccer empire from scratch. You are in control of everything from sourcing players to designing their kits. There are three modes of play to choose from: Events, Career or Multiplayer. Events lets you play in regional divisions, Career pits you against lower leagues or you can play against real players in Multiplayer mode. To buy new players or make changes to your soccer empire you will need “coins”. You earn coins through hitting your targets or winning matches. The settings are thorough – you can tweak pretty much everything from the commentary to the position of the players’ names. There is also a neat “Replay” option where you can re-watch goals or fouls (with option to skip forward and back) save them and upload them to social media.

When did Dream League Soccer start?

Dream League Soccer first came out in 2011, made by a small team wanting to give mobile gamers a new kind of football game. It was only available for iPhone users at first but later came to Android. Since its launch, the game has gotten better and bigger, with new features and better graphics, especially in how you transfer players to make your team the best.

What is the additional content for Dream League?

Dream League Soccer 2019, like its predecessors, continued to enhance the player experience with additional content designed to keep the game fresh and aligned with the real-world soccer landscape. This includes:

  • Player Updates: To reflect real-world changes in soccer rosters, including transfers and player performance adjustments.
  • Team Kits and Logos: Updated customization options that allow players to keep their teams looking modern and authentic.
  • Stadiums: The introduction of new stadiums or upgrades to existing ones, providing a more immersive game environment.
  • Gameplay Features: Enhanced controls, improved graphics, and the introduction of new game modes to enrich the gameplay experience.
  • Tournaments and Events: Special in-game events and tournaments that offer unique challenges and rewards for participation.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: Continuous updates to improve game stability and performance, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for all players.

Where can you run this program?

Dream League Soccer 2019 is primarily for mobile devices. For Android mobiles or tablets you will need 4.4 or up, for iOS 5.0. Blackberry is not supported. The file size is smaller than rival games like PES and FIFA – only 365.98MB in this latest version. While the app is currently for mobile only (Android and iOS devices) there is software that will allow you to simulate the game on Mac or PC computers.

Is there a better alternative?

For precision, total control over game play and command-play synchronicity then no mobile game will beat an Xbox or PlayStation experience. FIFA is an arguably unparalleled soccer simulation. This legendary series has a new game released annually by the Electronic Arts under the EA Sports Label. FIFA arguably has the most advanced graphics and player controls. FIFA has a loyal fanbase and devout following for a reason, but you will have to pay the price – and it’s not cheap. For free alternatives check out Pro Evolution Soccer or PES the popular Konami series. Like Dream League Soccer 2019 this is a freemium and multiplatform game for mobiles, PC and tablets. Apple users may have less choice as soccer simulations go, but New Star Soccer is a well-rounded 3D soccer simulation that you can run on your Mac.

Our take

In the world of mobile soccer gaming this is a classic choice for a reason. Dream League Soccer 2019 may not be without its flaws. While it can be an ego boost to score 12 goals against a well-matched team nevertheless it cries for better AI. The coin system seems biased to earning money for the developers and there could be more accurate real-time info. That said, for a mobile game the graphics are excellent. The total immersion in the soccer empire is comprehensive and the small touches (convincing commentary, the rousing roar from the crowd) make for one awesome atmospheric world right on your phone.

Should you download it?

Do you love soccer? Whether you like kicking a ball on or offline Dream League Soccer will let you take your tailor-made team to the top of the league. And it fits in your pocket! Do download it and try it for yourself.


  • Graphics
  • Updated information from latest soccer season
  • Customizable


  • Coin system needs work
  • Players lag
  • Multiplayer mode affected by a slow connection

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