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Free, open-source screen dimmer

System utilities are the background programs that configure your computer to work efficiently and, ultimately, support the desktop machines framework. Manufacturers usually include a plethora of these apps on their computers but users download alternatives. 

The DimScreen by Skrommel is a free open source screen dimmer, making it an ideal option. It executes a precise action and works seamlessly with Windows 10.

Software requirements

The requisites for this software program are low, catering for the XP version and 64-bit and 86-bit architectures. There are no other requirements for the app. The application is under 255 kB, making this lightweight app a simple choice.

How does it work

The DimScreen application gives you swift access to increase or decrease the screen brightness of your computer. Previously desktop computer users needed to select many options before being able to change this setting. With this .exe file, you can execute this request from your taskbar. The simple command of the app is to apply a grey screen to your monitor rendering a softer displayed image. This means fewer blue light waves are cast to your eyes while using your computer. 

The benefits of the application are numerous. Features included are automatic brightness dimming, night mode, multi-monitor support, a Firefox extension, and temperature monitoring, to name just a few. These features also efficiently manage the power usage of your computer by controlling how bright your monitor is. Additionally, the developer created customized computer programs for users based on their needs. As the software is open-source, it offers no bloatware or malware because of prior verifications.


You will be surprised to note that there is no automatic installer because it is available as a portable repository. Simply phrased, it means there is only an icon loaded onto your desktop or external HDD. 

Alternatives on the market 

Gammy and f.lux offer apps close to DimScreen. Redshift and Dimmer are also suitable replacements. At this point, the determining factor would be the personal appeal. 

Our take

DimScreen is small and makes dropping brightness effortless. Now you can change the luminosity of your monitor without having to change your Windows power plan. This makes the DS a 2-click screen dimming tool and an excellent option for managing power consumption. 

Should you download it

Yes, you can download the DS if you are looking for super efficiency. The developer is open to suggestions and improvements.


  • The application is free
  • High number of features available
  • Open-sourced development ensures no malware
  • Developer is available for troubleshooting


  • Addition of an interface would be aesthetically pleasing

Program available in other languages

DimScreenfor Windows


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