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Share your files easily, anywhere, anytime!

4shared is a desktop program that uses a browser-based file storage system. Files can be uploaded through the app and then accessed from anywhere or shared with anyone.

Impressive video sharing

What is impressive is the way that the service shares video and audio files; they can be enjoyed straight from your browser

To gain access to the free service, you can create an account on the 4shared website, and when you sign up, you'll get 10GB of free storage space. When you verify your email address, you get an extra 5GB. The web interface of 4shared resembles Gmail, which will make it attractive to many users. With 4shared, it’s easy to make folders and upload content to a maximum file size of 2048MB. Permissions can also be set for each folder, meaning that its content can be shared or remain private. Set passwords and you have control over who sees what.

To share your content, 4shared provides links that can be sent to friends and family allowing for fast and hassle-free file sharing. Users can subscribe to your feed which makes it easy for them to scroll through the content that you allow them to see. Other users can also download any files you have shared. This makes it an excellent way to get your content out there on other computers. 

Where can you run this program?

This service can be run on all desktop computers as well as providing apps for Android and Apple devices, making for easy and quick sharing on the go.

Is there a better alternative?

4shared is brilliant for photographers, musicians, and other artists in this field. However, Dropbox is simpler to use, despite not offering as much free storage. 

Our take

4shared is simply fantastic and although a little complex at first it doesn’t take long to get to grips with it.

Should you download it?

Definitely, even if you don't use the 100GB paid service and stick to the free 15GB, it's still an ideal service to store and share files online.


  • Very stable downloads
  • File tree organization
  • Resume interrupted uploads


  • Can be complicated to some newcomers

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

4sharedfor Windows

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