DFX Audio Enhancerfor Windows



This program improves the sound on your computer. You can toggle the settings yourself for a smoother listening.

Sound the way it was meant to be experienced

Change the universal audio settings for any game, video or song you’re listening to.

Control the way you listen to music with DFX Audio Enhancer. It has a range of options to improve and edit your listening experience. Toggle the controls and change basic settings such as volume, sharpness, and equalizers. There’s an automated mode that will detect the audio input and apply the best settings for you. Enjoy music and videos with a clear, high definition sound.

If you’re a gaming fan, this program has a 3D surround sound feature will make your games come alive. Add a thumping bass and immerse yourself in the action. These tools are also perfect for watching movies on your PC and give you a more vivid experience.

Video calls can be tricky when the sound quality is poor. Even by canceling background noise, you may find it hard to find to understand the recipient. That’s why this software has a Speech option, to focus on specific issues that affect how well you can hear and understand someone speaking

Find new tracks to enjoy with Explore, a tool that lets you find discover new music, videos, and song lyrics. All of this is available right from DFX Audio Enhancer’s interface. And if you don’t like the look of the software, customize it with different skins.

Some of the features are unclear or don’t work particularly well with headphones. There are two music options, but the software doesn’t explain what each one does. The dynamic boost can also make things sound worse if your device’s volume is too high, but generally, it works well at a low level.

Where can you run this program?

This utility is installable on computers that run Windows XP or newer operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This software has useful features and is generally easy-to-use. If you want more in-depth control over your computer’s sound settings, try Breakaway Audio Enhancer.

Our take

Overall this application is a well-designed software that improves audio quality and brings games and videos to life. Some options could be made more clear, but it functions well and delivers good results.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need better sound on your computer, this is a great tool to download.

DFX Audio Enhancerfor Windows


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