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JetAudio - Still around after all these years

JetAudio is a multimedia player that is easy to use but packed with features. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys music and videos because it supports a wide range of media types and offers lots of ways to improve your listening and viewing experience. It has been around for many years now and even today some people use it as an old habit. JetAudio still supports all the latest Windows versions and you can run this on almost any computer as it is very lightweight.

Vast amount of useful features

JetAudio sets itself apart with its broad selection of features. Even today, the developers have done a great job to keep up with the era’s requirements. Here's a closer look:

File Format Support

  • Audio: Supports popular formats like MP3, AAC, and FLAC.
  • Video: Works with well-known types like H.264 and MPEG-4.

Sound Effects and Enhancements

  • Includes a 10-band equalizer to fine-tune sound.
  • Offers sound effects like X-Bass and Reverb to enrich audio.
  • You can also play with special effects such as Flange and Phase Shift.

Additional Features

  • Music Visualization: Adds visual effects that move with the music. You can also download more visual styles if you like.
  • Lyric Support: Shows lyrics with the music, which is great for sing-alongs.
  • Plugins: Works with many Winamp plugins for more features.
  • Bookmark your favorite parts of a song.
  • Loop sections of tracks.
  • An on-screen display that you can customize.
  • A sleep timer that turns off the player after a certain time.

Easy interface

JetAudio's design makes it simple to navigate, taking cues from older media players like Winamp but adding modern touches:

Main Components:

  • Main Window: Controls playback.
  • Media Center: Manages playlists and libraries.
  • Video Window: Dedicated area for videos.
  • Lyrics Viewer: Shows lyrics and other visuals.
  • External Spectrum Viewer: Provides additional visual feedback.

Functional Design:

  • Switch between full and compact views with the "Toolbar Mode ON/OFF" button.
  • A versatile equalizer that is also a visualizer, available across different views.

JetAudio is a strong choice for anyone looking for a media player that supports various formats and offers powerful audio enhancements. It's designed to be user-friendly while providing advanced options for those who want to get the most out of their media.


  • Still reliable after many years
  • Very clean and easy interface
  • Multiple useful features
  • Supports many formats


  • Hard to choose the headphone profile

Program available in other languages

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