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The Common App is an all-inclusive online college application management app for mobile devices. With this application, you can apply to 900+ institutions through a single form. The well-organized dashboard helps you track your documentation while sharing useful tips and prompts for the admission process.

College applications simplified

Starting higher education is an arduous process, but less so with technology. Tools like The Universal Application and The Coalition Application make it easier for students to meet the various institutional requirements

The Common App stands out with its assistance and scope. It eliminates the necessity for filling in the same form multiple times, letting you apply to numerous colleges simultaneously in-app. 

You’ll need to provide the essential details required by various schools and finalize all documentation with several screen taps. Teachers and guidance counselors can also forward relevant documents for schools to access.

Streamlined UI

To start, you should visit the website where you’ll create an account and fill in the necessary forms. All you need to do after is download the app to your smartphone, and it’ll keep track of relevant deadlines, request recommendations, and appointments you’ve set. 

The dashboard is clear and straightforward. From reviewing universities to reviewing their requirements and submitting your forms, it has your back every step of the way. You’ll find financial aid programs, essay props, and advice from school counselors to guide the way. 

There’s real-time feedback as organizations review your admission, too, helping you keep track of your progress. If you run into any difficulties, reach out to comprehensive student support to quickly and smoothly resolve issues.

Local & international

What makes Common App so useful for students is the scope of educational institutions. You get access to over 900 local and international universities, which recognize and fully respect it. It’s as effective as in-person applications.

Our take

Overall, although the Common App doesn’t collaborate with every college that might interest you, it’s comprehensive enough for most students. The data and tools are useful and displayed in a digestible format, facilitating admissions.

Should you download it?

Yes. As long as you’re mentally prepared for the amount of information and number of options you’ll find, it’s among the best application resources you can get in an app format.


  • Quick and convenient
  • Works with multiple universities
  • Includes useful props and advice


  • Limits your university choice

Common Appfor Android


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