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Free adventure and strategy game

Clash Quest by Supercell is a free turn-based Android game that takes you on a wild strategic ride. The Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans developers have expanded the Clash world with this new release, sending enthusiastic players on a journey across an uncharted archipelago.

This game is a new turn for the franchise, as the first title featuring full-blown troops in turn-based strategic battles. Nevertheless, the gameplay will feel intuitive to anybody who enjoyed earlier titles from this universe, with well-known heroes and mechanics.

Conquer the islands

This free game keeps things fresh by presenting you with a series of levels that consist of unexplored islands for you to investigate and conquer.

You’ll gather a group of shipwrecked protagonists, sending them off to defeat legendary bosses and claim the archipelago as your own.

Strategic combat

The basic premise is simple, resembling the earlier parts of the series. Supercell added a spin to it by introducing turn-based combat to make things interesting. 

You go through quests in levels, facing off against obstacles and enemies and setting your troops in tactical grid formations, and attacking.

Your unit deployment affects the outcome of each battle you partake in. You can also collect extra troops and spells to make yourself more powerful in combat. Use everything you find wisely, though, since the ability to refill takes quite a long time compared to the other games of this kind.

Colorful character cast

You’ll see many well-known faces on your Android screen, including notable antagonists such as Papa Dragon and Goblin King.

When it comes to playable characters, you get to choose between spell-flinging wizards, raging barbarians, and other fantasy fan favorites. Each character comes with varying sets of starting abilities which you upgrade with time. They become mightier with each item and reward.

Our take

This title still needs a bit of performance work to run as intended. Still, it boasts all the engaging, addictive qualities of previous releases, promising a fun time for the player.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve been enjoying this series so far, you’ll love its latest addition. Even fans of turn-based games who’ve never tried Supercell before will adore the mixture of serious and goofy in-game moments.


  • Interesting combat system
  • Familiar characters
  • A wide array of items
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Excellent franchise expansion


  • Long downtime periods
  • Some performance issues

Clash Questfor Android


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