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Cheto Aim Pool Velocity - Improve your aim

Cheto Aim Pool Velocity is now available for download on Google Play. This app is designed to help you get better at it on your Android device. By turning your mobile device into a virtual coach, Cheto Aim Pool Velocity offers a detailed and interactive way to sharpen your pool skills. Many people are criticizing the developers for making them wait 24 hours to activate after the initial installation.

Refine your pool aim

Cheto Aim Pool Velocity turns your mobile screen into a smart training area. This app helps you improve your pool game by teaching you how to aim better, manage the strength of your shots, and understand angles better. Here’s what makes Cheto great for improving your pool skills:

  • Guided Play: Cheto gives you immediate tips and advice on how to better align and execute your shots. This guidance changes as you get better, always giving you the right level of challenge.
  • Learning Steps: As you get better at the basics, the app introduces more complex challenges that keep up with your skill level.
  • Clear Graphics: The app shows the pool table and balls clearly, which helps you learn how to place your shots accurately and strategize effectively.

Integrate with the pool table

Cheto Aim Pool Velocity seamlessly integrates with your actual pool playing. It uses your mobile device to extend the game from your screen to your pool table, enhancing how you play with innovative technology. Here’s how it works:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Technology: Cheto uses AR to project game guidelines onto your actual pool table through your device’s camera. This lets you see paths and hit points as though they are drawn on the table itself.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you practice with the app, the more you reinforce what you’ve learned, helping you play better in real games.

Cheto Aim Pool Velocity makes learning the game fun and tech-savvy by combining digital instructions with actual play However, please note that users are not happy with the app as it makes them wait 24 hours to activate and some of the other users say the app doesn’t work at all. Please keep that in mind before you download the app.


  • Free on Google Play Store
  • Improve your pool aim


  • Makes you wait 24 hours to activate
  • Misleading

Program available in other languages

Cheto Aim Pool Velocityfor Android


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