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Car Parking Multiplayer - Form your clan and compete agianst others

Car Parking Multiplayer is a popular car game that you can find on the App Store. This game takes you beyond parking cars; you can explore a large open world, race against friends, and enjoy a community of fellow car lovers. With a wide selection of vehicles and many interactive features, Car Parking Multiplayer is perfect for anyone who loves cars and social gaming. This is the iOS version of this game.

Play online with others

Car Parking Multiplayer" elevates the gaming experience by integrating a comprehensive multiplayer mode that connects thousands of players daily. This feature-packed multiplayer environment includes:

  • Real-Time Interaction: Engage with a vast community of players through voice chat, exchange cars, or compete in thrilling races.
  • Extensive Social Features: Build a friend list, join forces in cooperative missions, or challenge others in competitive racing events.
  • Dynamic World Exploration: Freely walk around, interact with real-world elements like gas stations and car services, or take on unique roles such as a taxi or delivery driver.
  • Engaging Role-Playing Options: From policing the streets to operating a drone for aerial views, the game offers varied roles to enhance the multiplayer experience.

In addition to traditional gameplay, players can tackle daily tasks to earn rewards, fostering a sense of progression and community involvement.

Car customization with top-notch gameplay

Car Parking Multiplayer lets you customize your cars in many ways, so you can make your car look and perform the way you want. Here’s what’s available:

  • Upgrade Your Car: Improve your car’s engine, turbo, gearbox, and exhaust.
  • Style Your Car: Add cool vinyls and change parts of your car’s body to stand out.
  • Personalize Your Plates: Choose from six types of license plates to give your car a personal touch.

The game also impresses with its detailed environments and a variety of cars. You can drive and customize over 130 different cars, each with a realistic interior. Whether you prefer sports cars or classic models, there’s something for everyone.

The game challenges you with 82 real-life parking and driving scenarios that test your skills. You can also drive special vehicles like tow trucks and pickups.


  • You can form or join clans
  • Constant updates add great features
  • You can buy yourself an apartment
  • 130 different cars


  • Regular bugs and glitches
  • Some sounds are not realistic

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Car Parking Multiplayerfor iOS


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