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Get calmed down with this app

Calm is a subscription service that provides a large variety of resources for helping you find your center or to help you relax. This includes sleep stories, meditation guide, relaxing music, and much more.

Relaxing guide to meditation and sleep

Each of Calm’s guide has different goals such as coping with anxiety, finding focus, controlling your emotions, and handling stress. 

Your subscription to this relaxation service gives numerous guides on meditation. The guides and other content of the app can be downloaded so you can listen to them without any network connection.

The guides give you an option to pick a female or male narrator. As the narrator talks, a soothing background sound play. If the ambiance is distracting you, you can turn down the background volume in the guide settings. You can only find the volume for the ambiance here and not in the app’s main settings.

Apart from meditation guides, Calm also has a series of audio bedtime stories narrated by celebrities to help you sleep. This includes Blue Gold as told by Stephen Fry. In addition, the app has a great library of music and ambient sounds for various uses. You can find a collection of nature noises for studying or piano songs for sleeping.

Calm masterclass

The standout content of Calm is their Masterclass sessions. These are actual classes taught by actual experts such as Dr. Michelle May who is an author and doctor.

Masterclass gives you an in-depth lesson on improving your physical and mental health. For example, the Better Sleep class by Dr. Michael Breus teaches you about how to enhance your rest with everyday items.

Breathing exercise

Another interesting aspect of Calm is Breathing exercise. This feature guides you on how long to breathe in and out as well as holding the air in to achieve inner calmness. The exercise guides you with a graphical circle and soothing sounds.

Where can you run this program?

You can enjoy the Calm subscription service on Android and Apple devices.  

Is there a better alternative?

The Mindfulness App is a good alternative that delivers over 250 meditation guide that is made by influential instructors. This app is also a subscription service and it lets you download the guides for offline listening.

Our take

Calm not only provide a significant number of guides on meditating, sleeping, and focus, it also has many useful tools in helping you relax. Whether it is a bedtime story by the legendary Fry or masterclass on better parenting, this app has a good variety of resources. The only issue with the software is the lack of a monthly subscription option with only the annual option available.

Should you download it?

Yes, this app delivers on its promise in soothing your mind with Calm’s many useful resources.


  • Relaxing home screen
  • Calm masterclass
  • Meditate and health guides
  • Breathing exercise
  • Calm masterclass


  • Only 7-day trial
  • No monthly payment option

Program available in other languages

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relaxfor Android


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