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Sports coverage with one tap

FuboTV caters to all your sports needs, including the NFL, Nascar, and the FIFA World Cup. The service delivers channels with plenty of content for you to watch.

Shows when you need them

FuboTV brings you all the channels you love to watch in one place and at one fee.

With the rise of streaming services, watching your favorite sport is easy, unless you’re constantly swapping between hosts. FuboTV is you’re all-in-one sports destination.

The service has over 100 channels bringing your favorite sports to your mobile device. Channels you’ll find while browsing the app include CBS, FOX, TBS, TNT, and your regional sports networks.

Thanks to the vast numbers of channels there’ll always be plenty for you to watch. Between all these, you’ll find over 30,000 professional and college events to enjoy. You can cheer for your favorite MLB team or Olympic athlete as you watch the games live.

If sports aren’t all you want to watch, you can sit back and enjoy over 10,000 hours of on-demand series and movies. This includes acclaimed series and blockbusters from AMC, FX, Showtime, and more.

FuboTV comes with 30 hours of cloud DVR space that’ll store any shows you want to record from a channel. If you upgrade your subscription, you’ll receive up to 500 hours in place of the 30.

There are a few setbacks you’ll notice, specifically if you share one account between the entire family. There’s only one profile that prevents separate favorite sections. You also won’t find the ESPN channel anywhere on FuboTV.

Where can you run this program?

FutboTV is available for iOS 10.0 or later and Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There’s a wide variety of streaming services available for you to watch such as Netflix. However, with FuboTV you get access to over 100 sports channels and other shows.

Our take

FuboTV is a great service and gives you all the sports content you could want along with over 10,000 hours of on-demand video.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re willing to pay the subscription fee and you enjoy sports TV or movies and series, then this is a must-have.


  • Over 100 live channels
  • Video on demand
  • DVR space offered in the subscription plan


  • No individual profiles
  • Does not have the ESPN channel

Program available in other languages

fuboTVfor Android


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