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Notifications without a smartphone

With this notifier app, you don’t have to carry your smartphone with you to receive calls and text messages. Using Bluetooth, you can get all your notifications on your smart watch. 

When app potential translates to eventual hassle

BT Notifier is a software utility that connects smartwatches with mobile devices through Bluetooth, so you receive notifications quickly.

This mobile app helps you connect your smartphone and smartwatch to receive push notifications on the go.

Once you join them, your smartwatch will show you calls, texts, and extras - you can even reply if your watch comes with this function.

To connect BT Notifier to your phone, you'll just need to download the app, turn on Bluetooth, and make it discoverable. Once done, you can turn on Bluetooth on your smartwatch to begin receiving notifications.

While installation is quick and easy in theory, it does take a long time to connect the two devices. Another issue with this app is that it fails to do what it promises in many cases.

This app is free to download and use.  As long as you have both gadgets, you'll be able to use them in unison.

Where can you run this program?

BT Notifier runs on Android devices with operating system editions 6.0 and higher.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are other apps with better performance to connect your watch to your mobile. They include Bluetooth Auto Connect, Android Wear, and Bluetooth Notifier.

Our take

While BT Notifier has potential, it is more of a hassle than help. Luckily, the current version is the first available, so there’s room for improvement.

Should you download it?

No. This type of app is super helpful, but BT Notifier isn’t the best one out there. You’ll find more annoyance than help with it.


  • Easy notifications from smartwatches
  • Free
  • Lightweight


  • Crashes often
  • It takes a long time to connect

Program available in other languages

BT Notifierfor Android


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