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Solve basic math problems fast

Calculator App from StuartSpeaks gives you a basic math tool for determining the sum of several numbers and much more. The app is also free to download and use on Windows computers.

Simple but reliable calculator for your PCs

The Calculator App provides the most basic arithmetic functions. These are addition, minus, division, multiplication, as well as equals or results.

You can also find the C or Clear button that clears everything on the calculator screen.

What makes this app different from various default calculator apps that comes with most modern Windows PCs is that the arithmetic functions are being done on the software’s screen. When you compute with the calculator, it will display the arithmetic symbol on the screen. Meanwhile, the Windows Calculator will have the first “1” in the upper section along with the “+” symbol and the second “1” beneath it.

However, this app’s screen can handle only 16 digits, including the arithmetic symbol. If you enter more than 17 digits, the software crashes and prompts you to click the “C” button. Additionally, you cannot perform two simultaneous calculations at the same time or else the software will crash.

Missing functions

The Calculator App does not have other basic functions that are present in the Windows Calculator. This includes a percent, Pi, memory plus, memory minus, and much more. You cannot add scientific or programmer buttons to the app. The software also does not recognize input from your keyboard.

Where can you run this program?

The Calculator App is compatible with most Windows desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Is there a better alternative?

If you are using Windows, you already have a good calculator at hand. The OS has a preinstalled app so you won’t go over the hassle of downloading a different program. It can handle large calculations as well as complex arithmetic functions. This calculator program also keeps a history of your calculations to help you get back at a specific formula you were working on.

Our take

StuartSpeaks Calculator does the job with basic calculations. But, that is all you can get from this program. The calculator that comes with most OS already does the bare-bones arithmetic functions and much more. At most, the Calculator App is useful if you cannot open the pre-installed Calculator of your OS.

Should you download it?

?No, you can do more with Windows or iOS calculators than this one. You can also do basic calculations on certain search websites.


  • Performs basic functions
  • On-screen calculation
  • Fast and reliable


  • No additional functions
  • Outdated interface
  • Can only accommodate 16 digits

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Basic Calculatorfor Windows


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