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Intervene in a complicated relationship and watch it evolve in response to your actions that have an effect on it.

Facade is an interactive single-player that puts you in the middle of a troubled marriage where you become an unexpected arbitrator. Simulator fans and problem solvers will greatly enjoy this unique concept of deductive storyline.

Get involved

Facade takes players through many twists and turns within a single act. Play the game and find yourself amidst deception, secrets, and betrayal.

You have a mission to reconcile the marriage. To achieve it, you must talk your way into the core of the problem and come up with solutions.

The game has an incredible AI engine that responds accordingly to what the player says. You take complete control of what plays out, and how the story ends. Keep in mind that you have absolute freedom in what your avatar does.

Tell the AI whatever you want, it can result in humorous hours of generated conversation. Make sure you inspect the house because you can freely arrange any object you see. This interaction extends to the AI themselves. Explore many enticing actions you can impose on the characters.

Play and be anyone you want. Genders and names are selectable when you begin. Different genders will receive different reactions from the AI. This gives plenty of room for creativity.

Facade offers a multitude of game modes you can play. Vary your actions and watch the story carry out accordingly. Play it time and again to see how many outcomes you can produce. The options are almost limitless!

Where can you run this program?

This application runs on Windows ME and Windows XP. Luckily, it’s also available on Mac OS X.

Is there a better alternative?

Not at all. Facade sets the standards for interactive gaming. Other games like The Wolf Among Us offer similar settings for lesser dramatic effects. You will not find many titles as beginner-friendly as this one.

Our take

Facade's compelling interactions make it a king in the genre. The fact that you can create your own adventure makes it even more thrilling.

Should you download it?

Yes, of course! Facade is listed as one of the 1001 video games you must play before you die, a compilation book published by Universe Publishing.


  • Simple game engine
  • Interactive simulation
  • Alternate endings
  • Uninterrupted gameplay
  • High replayability


  • Limited to Windows XP and below
  • Slow gameplay
  • Limited actions

Facadefor Windows


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