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AnyDesk: remotely connect to your desktop from anywhere

AnyDesk allows users to connect to their computer remotely from anywhere in the world, with a reliable connection and low system overheads.

Secure, fast remote access

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application that allows a user to connect remotely to a computer and use it as though they were sitting in front of it. This is accomplished by sending the user inputs from the remote device to the computer and streaming a video of the desktop back. AnyDesk uses a custom codec to reduce the bandwidth requirements needed to get a smooth experience.

Designed for enterprise

There are several options when it comes to remote desktop software, with many consumer-oriented option that are free to use. AnyDesk is designed for business use, with a greater emphasis placed on security and reliability, and comes with a price in the form of a tiered subscription fee for different sizes of business.

Our take

AnyDesk is a good option for businesses whose employees sometimes need to work remotely, as it allows the company to keep their data on-site for remote access. It is also one of the more frictionless, lightweight remote desktop applications available. However, there is no free trial or month-to-month option, so you will be locked into at least a year’s contract. For this reason, it is important to be sure this is the application you want before purchasing.

Should you download it?

If you are a small to mid-sized business with remote workers, AnyDesk is a good solution. If you are an individual, you may want to try a free alternative, such as Chrome Remote Desktop. It should be noted that the performance of AnyDesk compares favorably to free or cheaper alternatives, so you should factor in how important low-latency and image fidelity is to your task.


  • Allows connection to a range of platforms regardless of the device
  • Reliable connection even on low bandwidth connections
  • Low latency
  • Multiple subscription tiers to suit different needs


  • Customer support is not very reliable
  • Minimum year-long contract

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