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Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Fans of the original Age of Empires II are going to love this high-definition remake game. Better graphics, improved performance, and Steam Workshop support make this game more modern and just as addictive as ever.

Real time strategy

Age of Empires II: HD Edition is a modern update to the series that made real-time strategy games mainstream.

The Age of Empires franchise dates back to 1997. Despite no major release for the series since 2005, it’s still going strong with Age of Empires II: HD Edition. This remaster by Forgotten Empires adds support for widescreens and newer operating systems. Keep an eye out for increased map sizes and populations as well. That ought to perk up some ears and get the bloodbath started. Age of Empires II is a modern update to the series that made real-time strategy games mainstream.

Steam Workshop support is a huge addition that increases modding community engagement. It has revived the multiplayer community, making it easier to dominate opponents online. Forgotten Empires is bringing fresh content to the game with its new expansion packs

They’ve added 12 new civilizations so far and dozens of new maps. Fans of the original’s campaigns will be pleased with the new, fully-voiced exploits on the campaign menu. The game’s charming, early-millenium visuals are still intact. This remaster doesn’t buff up graphics like other HD remakes. While Resident Evil and Final Fantasy received a visual overhaul, Age of Empires did not.

What sets Age of Empires II: HD Edition apart from the original version?

Age of Empires II: HD Edition introduces enhanced visuals, convenient multiplayer matchmaking through Steam, and support for mods via Steam Workshop. These updates aim to provide a more accessible and visually appealing experience compared to the original game.

How does the gameplay of Age of Empires II: HD Edition compare to the original version?

Answer: The gameplay in Age of Empires II: HD Edition remains faithful to the original, offering a real-time strategy experience where players gather resources, construct buildings, advance through ages, and engage in battles. However, missed opportunities for gameplay improvements, such as issues with unit selection and AI pathfinding, may leave some players wishing for more.

What can players expect from the multiplayer experience in Age of Empires II: HD Edition?

Age of Empires II: HD Edition uses Steam for multiplayer matchmaking, making it more convenient for players to find and join games. Multiplayer matches can be highly enjoyable, offering opportunities for cooperative and competitive play. However, the multiplayer experience is currently plagued by various bugs, including out-of-sync errors, crashes, and lag issues.

How does Age of Empires II: HD Edition compare in terms of graphics and sound design?

Age of Empires II: HD Edition does offer higher resolutions and some visual improvements, but the overall visual enhancements are modest. Graphics mods available on Steam Workshop can provide more significant improvements. In terms of sound, the game includes the original Conquerors expansion soundtrack but lacks new audio content.

Where can you run this program?

You’ll see that Forgotten Empires, the studio behind this HD remake, has only released the game for Windows PCs running Windows Vista or later.

Is there a better alternative?

Not at all. Age of Empires is the definitive real-time strategy series. If you’re looking for similar games, check out Rise of Nations, Command & Conquer, or StarCraft.

Our take

This remake doesn’t vary much from the original game. If you download the update, it’d be to get access to the new content that comes along with it. It is definitely worth it.

Should you download it?

Yes, even if you’ve never played the original. Age of Empires II: HD Edition is a classic game updated for a new generation.


  • Updated widescreen support
  • Improved performance
  • Higher population limits
  • Revitalized multiplayer community
  • New downloadable content from developers


  • Not many changes to original game
  • Some visual changes feel out-of-place

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Age Of Empires 2for Windows

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