Final Fantasy XIVfor Windows


Live your fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs available. You have a large selection of classes to choose from and an endless supply activities to do.

A fighting chance

Explore the vast world of Hydaelyn as you face both friend and foe. Choose your own path in this adventure.

The Final Fantasy franchise is well known for their single-player turn-based RPGs, but they've also produced an online MMO, one which quickly rose to the top rankings and has stayed there since. Between constant updates and its large community, you won't notice the dated graphics

Addiction is inevitable. When you launch this program there are nine available classes which branch out to over 18 specialties called jobs. Your base classes include Gladiator, Arcanist, and Rogue, while your jobs include Summoner, Ninja, and Bard. The rest you'll have to discover for yourself.

The game uses a subscription system where you'll pay to play, but before you can play, you'll need to purchase the base game itself. The benefit of this system is that the community is almost entirely hacker free. This massive community is also perfect if you're looking to make new friends and join in their travels.

Unlike with most MMOs, when you reach the end section of the game you will have to keep grinding to become powerful. The endgame is challenging and will require you to work with your team to survive. You might prefer hastening your climb to max level. You can do this with paid in-game benefits, which can quickly take you past your experienced friends.

Where can you run this program?

FFXIV is available on computers using Windows 7 64-bit and above or Mac OS X 10.14.3 and above. You could also get it on PS3 and PS4 if you’re a console player

Is there a better alternative?

No, FFXIV is one of the few MMORPGs that gives you a large amount of freedom and a large selection of classes. If the style isn't to your liking, you can always check out World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online.

Our take

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs for a good reason. It offers many classes to choose from.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy in-depth role-playing games that have sleek graphics and endless possibilities, then this is the MMO for you.


  • Massive community
  • Many classes available
  • Challenging endgame


  • Subscription-based
  • Pay-to-win
  • Dated visuals

Final Fantasy XIVfor Windows

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