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A new dimension for classic NES games

3dSen Maker is a tool developed by Geod for the 3dSen NES emulator platform. It lets you build custom profiles for playing classic 2D NES games in 3D.

Create your own 3dSen profiles

This brilliant 3D NES emulator profile creator lets you fall in love with your favorite NES games all over again.

If you’re a fan of the NES, you probably love all the classic games that came out for it. NES emulators have long helped players scratch that itch, but 3dSen takes things to the next level: full 3D emulation. Its developer, Geod, created 3dSen Maker for players to craft custom 3D profiles.

Here’s how it works: To play NES games in 3D with 3dSen, you need a profile for each game. The emulator packs a handful of example profiles to use as templates for new games. This way, players can expand 3dSen’s roster of games to include countless titles and custom ROMs.

Creating custom profiles can be a bit of a challenge. The user interface isn’t exactly the most intuitive out there. There’s a considerable learning curve, and you may need to experiment a lot to figure everything out. Fortunately, there’s a decent amount of documentation to refer to.

Once you get the hang of it, 3dSen Maker is a very powerful tool. You can experiment with rendering and visual settings while watching the results live. It’s a great way to bring new life to those golden titles of yesteryear.

Where can you run this program?

The app is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 and up. In addition, there are 3dSen Maker versions available for macOS and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

Not really, no. If you want to play NES games in 3D, you can try the Nintendo 3D Classics and Sega 3D Classics on Nintendo 3DS. However, they lack the ability to create custom 3D profiles for your NES games or ROMs.

Our take

3dSen Maker provides a unique set of tools to play timeless NES titles like never before. It is a little complicated for first-time users but it is well worth the time investment in learning how to use it.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve ever considered creating a custom 3D profile for 3dSen, this tool is definitely worth a shot.

3dSen Makerfor Windows


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