MC Command Centerfor Windows



A Sims 4 mod

MC Command Center is an expansive mod for Electronic Arts’ Sims 4 that allows you to take control over even the smallest part of the world you have created. Created by Deaderpool as a freemium product, the mega-mod also reintroduces story progression, something from Sims 3.

MaNy bonus features

MC comes with a wide variety of new elements, including birth control. You either give your people a lot of babies or limit the number they can have. The Command Center also gives you access to seeing the intimate scenes (Wacky Woohoos) normally hidden by Sims.

MC returns Story Progression, which means that the characters can get married and have love on their own; the game usually requires the player to set this up. However, the player gains control over the alien abductions and what hybrids are produced by the unions.

The whole gameplay changes; you’re given power over the smallest details. You won't have to deal with annoying visitors as much, which helps out if you don't have a powerful device.

You can manipulate the way interactions happen, allowing people to have multiple partners or limiting access to their death bed. Also, NPCs now are under your guidance.

If you're using MC with a few other mods, you may run into trouble with conflicts between the changes. Also, with every update, you'll have to upgrade to the latest patch but otherwise, it is safe to use.

Is there a better alternative?

Other mods may interest you more, but there are no other changes that will affect such a wide area in Sims 4. Meaningful Stories gives deep emotions to the people in the simulation. For several days, the characters may be depressed or be super creative.

With the Morphmaker modification, you can customize faces to your precise preferences. Of course, there are hundreds of changes that can be made to Sims, but these are a few options.

Our take

If you’re looking to change up the way that you play Sims 4, MC Command Center is a great option to consider. You'll be granted so much more power while enjoying the return of key elements from the third edition.

Should you download it?

Yes. The problems with it are small, so if you are looking for a master mod, MC is a great choice.


  • Many new elements
  • Expansive options
  • Fun characters
  • A whole new gameplay


  • Some trouble when using too many mods

MC Command Centerfor Windows


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