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If you’re into esports gaming, Blitz integrates with league games for automated champion counters, abilities, stats, and builds. The Windows open beta app suits both beginners and veterans.

Free client for esports competitions

Blitz lets you select the optimal character builds and also auto-imports abilities for your favorite esports games

Team SoloMid operates Blitz under the parent company, Swift. The software links to popular esports games, allowing you to access character builds. It also automates match statistics and gaming tags by integrating with Teamfight Tactics.

While the installation may clash with your firewall settings, Blitz is safe to use. It’s Riot Games Compliant, which means that it’s a third-party application that doesn’t interfere with your gameplay. Therefore, no one will ban you for using the software.

Installation is quick and effortless. You can download the software directly to your Windows PC and install it immediately. After that, you must verify your login details and link Blitz to your esports game accounts.

Where can you run this program?

The minimum requirement for the Beta Windows client is Windows 7.

Is there a better alternative?

No. While there are other options available, such as Facecheck,, and Mobalytics, Blitz offers better features with great builds.

Our take

Blitz is easy to install and link to games like Legends of RuneTerra and League of Legends. It simplifies character build processes for upcoming contests.

Should you download it?

Yes. Blitz integrates with Teamfight Tactics and your favorite esports games for a decent esports gaming experience. It’s also Riot Compliant and safe to use.

Blitzfor Windows


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