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Say goodbye to geo-blocked content. ExpressVPN gives you access to sites around the world with its anonymous surfing option.

The internet is your oyster

Browse securely and anonymously with ExpressVPN and unlock content from anywhere in the world.

Stream content from other countries and regions when using this utility. Because of its ability to bypass geofences, you can access websites that you may not have permissions to access.

This application prides itself on its high level of encryption. Similar programs claim to be secure, but the fine print mentions logging some personal details. The software gives a full description of how your information is safe with them. ExpressVPN doesn’t have access to your passwords or personal information and doesn’t store it on their system.

The program takes its security further than many other VPN programs. It uses Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) to stop your details being altered in real-time. Passwords and other personal information can’t be changed as you type, which is the most common trick exploited by hackers.

There’s also another layer of protection with the Support for Forward Secrecy. This constantly assigns your open sessions a new security key, making it virtually impossible for a hacker or virus to bypass your firewall. It’s a powerful tool that ExpressVPN uses to ensure your data stays secure.

The software can be somewhat confusing to use because the interface is tricky to understand due to the fact there are a variety of options. This can be off-putting, but it doesn’t take long to pick it up, and if you’re stumped this program has a twenty-four-hour online chat service.

Where can you run this program?

This software runs on any version of macOS. There are other versions for Windows, Linux and Android tablets and phones.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This software has the best level of security and performance. If you want a cheaper alternative, try Ultrasurf.

Our take

ExpressVPN is an efficient and secure utility for your computer. It boasts a range of locations and works well in most countries. It’s let down by its price, but it’s understandable when you consider the exceptional security features.

Should you download it?

Yes. It works incredibly well, and you’ll have peace of mind over any security concerns.

ExpressVPNfor Mac

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