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Customizable Android app launcher

Nova Launcher is a home screen replacement for Android devices that modifies your interface to make app launching a breeze. It doesn’t come with endless bells and whistles, focusing on boosting functionality in existing features. This tool takes what you know and makes it faster and better-organized.

Slick organization

Various smartphone models come with different displays, but they mostly follow the same principles. However, if you dislike that setting, there are tools to shift it. For example, Smart Launcher 5 emphasizes organization, while Evie is all about minimalism.

Nova Launcher moves in a similar direction, striking a balance between customization and speed. It’s not the most feature-rich launcher around but instead, revolving around the organization of what’s already on your display and letting you customize it to your liking.

The tool creates subgrids across your display, making the addition of apps to the home screen and the creation of app folders easier and more intuitive. Other options include switching between light and dark themes and adding or removing widgets.

Light & speedy

Since you’ll remove all unused apps in drawers, you’ll only see what you need upon unlocking your phone. The gestures and swiping functionalities also increase app usability, making Nova a fantastic, lightweight productivity booster.

Nova’s a bit slower to load than your regular home screen, taking two to three seconds to display the apps when you turn on your Android. Still, it’s smooth and quick once it’s up and running. The issues don’t reoccur each time you unlock the phone or drain your battery.

Free vs. paid

You can use this app 100% free of charge. However, purchasing the Nova Launcher Prime gets you some extra features. Most notably, you get access to customizable gestures. This functionality lets you set app launch movements, such as pinching or double-tapping the home screen. You can also determine actions for apps to perform when you swipe over them.

Our take

Overall, while Nova Launcher isn’t the most innovative tool you’ll find, but it does facilitate better smartphone usage. It’s quick, free, and the extra tools ensure that you get all the functionalities you need right and nothing else. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy organization and playing around with the way your smartphone functions and operates, you’ll love Nova, especially as you learn the basics.


  • Quick and responsive
  • Convenient organization
  • Custom themes


  • Not 100% intuitive

Nova Launcher Primefor Android


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