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Multiple accounts management app

Parallel Space allows multiple instances of an app on any device running Android 10 and below. You can open both work and personal accounts from the same social media app, or log-in as different characters in the same game.

App cloning

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to use apps for more than one reason. For example, you might run a business page on a social media network and a personal one in private. 

Parallel Space works similarly to other multiple accounts apps like Dual Space and Shelter. They allow you to open a separate, self-contained space on your mobile device so you can run two simultaneous instances of an app.

Hidden apps

Parallel Space uses a visualization engine called MultiDroid to create a separate virtual operating system on your device. By doing this, it prevents an app from realizing it’s already running, allowing you to open it twice. Importantly, it means you can log in to the second version of the app with another account. 

You can also use this virtual space with a built-in incognito feature, so any app you install or run is hidden from the rest of the device. This option also adds an extra layer of security to your device as it protects your privacy, and can be used to prevent data from being monitored by an app.


It’s standard practice for an app to ask for access to multiple parts of your device. Since Parallel Space lets you run multiple accounts, it needs many permissions. Namely, it needs location, phone contacts, files, and folder access. If you deny any of these, you can’t use Parallel Space.

Our take

The app is user-friendly and once it’s open, it automatically picks other suitable apps and asks if you’d like to add them to Parallel Space. However, there are constant pop-up ads that you’ll need to pay to remove. Plus, the app keeps asking to send data reports (but not personal information), which is irritating but not a security concern.

Should you download it?

Yes. Parallel Space is an excellent timesaver if you regularly need to switch between multiple accounts on the same app. 


  • Supports most apps
  • Helps achieve a decent work/life balance
  • Saves you logging in and out on the same app for multiple accounts


  • Asks for too many permissions, which you have to accept to use the app

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Parallel Spacefor Android


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