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Free virtual machine Android app

VMOS is a free virtual machine app for Android. Virtual machines allow you to open second, “guest” versions of your operating system to function in the background on your device.


VMOS allows you to run a clone of your operating system on your Android device, much like OPP Clone Phone. This guest operating system is run through a virtual environment. Because of the virtual environment, rooted Android kernels and similar formats will not affect the host Android OS or device.

VMOS allows you to run a rooted Android operating system without rooting your device. Thus, there are no issues with the warranty or with the cellular carrier, or the provider will come up due to the rooting process. Along with this protection, there’s also virus protection.

If a virus or other threat does something malicious in VMOS, it won’t affect the host device or operating system. This is due to being initialized in a virtual machine environment, separate from the primary operating system.


VMOS works best on powerful phones. Phones with a smaller amount of memory storage will have a hard time getting VMOS to run smoothly with multiple apps active at once. VMOS also can have trouble connecting to the internet, as it may disconnect from time to time.

There’s also the issue of VMOS unlocker, which is required to unlock some versions of the VMOS app and run it. This unlocker app is an unknown variable. Whether it’s safe or not, it hasn’t been conclusively determined.


Virtual Machine environment apps are uncommon for the Android operating system. Despite this, there are two alternatives we’ll look at Virtual Android and X8 Sandbox. 

Virtual Android functions almost identically to VMOS as a virtual machine. Despite this, Virtual Android is prone to crashing and glitches that reduce its functionality. These can include failure to display, inability to access the camera, and difficulty using third-party apps.

The X8 Sandbox virtual machine for Android is marketed as an easy-to-use virtual machine for Android. With it, you can run picture in picture as well as multiple other plugins. The virtual machine will also root itself and offers optimized features.

Our take

VMOS is a virtual machine app for Android devices. The software provides exceptional protection from malware but may be difficult to navigate compared to competitors.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a highly open-ended virtual machine


  • Free
  • Runs secondary operating system
  • Open-ended


  • May be difficult to use

VMOS Virtual Android on Android-Double Your Systemfor Android


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