xTorrent - Torrents Download Managerfor Windows


xTorrent - Torrents Download Manager Review

xTorrent - Torrents Download manager is a lightweight application that helps you download torrents from the Internet. You can also search torrents and add them to the xTorrent's library. You can add them using the browser, clipboard, or file explorer. Moreover, you can search and sort torrents by size and name. Besides, you can use smart tags and seeding to help you find specific torrents.

The user interface of xTorrent - Torrents Download manager is easy to use, with a light material design. The left menu has quick settings and a context menu to manage the torrents. You can also sort them according to the size, name, and time. The program can also display information about the file you're downloading. Unlike other similar apps, xTorrent enables you to save different files in different folders, create advanced profiles, and fine-tune the download for your needs. Another great feature of this application is that it's free.

XTorrent supports BitTorrent protocols and cross-platform, so it's ideal for Mac users. The free version is also customizable and features cross-platform support. It has email ticket support, too. While it's free, open-source software is more likely to contain viruses and adware than commercial products. Make sure to read user reviews before downloading any software, and you'll be happy with xTorrent if you try it!

xTorrent - Torrents Download Managerfor Windows

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