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NewFileTime is the time machine for your files

If you find yourself constantly tweaking the timestamps on files, whether it's for sorting, organization, or more specific purposes, NewFileTime is a utility designed to make your life easier. This handy software gives you granular control over the creation, modification, and last access dates and times of your files. 

Let's dive into why NewFileTime might be a worthwhile addition to your digital toolkit for your Windows PC.

Flexibility at your fingertips with NewFileTime

One of the most appealing aspects of NewFileTime is its straightforward interface. You won't be overwhelmed by a barrage of complicated settings and menus. Instead, you can quickly select your target files, define your desired timestamps, and execute the changes with a few simple clicks. This streamlined approach saves you precious time, especially if you manipulate file timestamps frequently.

NewFileTime shines in its ability to accommodate a wide range of use cases. Perhaps you're a photographer who wants to batch-update image timestamps to match when they were actually taken. Maybe you're a developer dealing with code that needs specific modification dates for compatibility. Or, you might simply want to organize your personal document collection with more precise timestamps. Regardless of your scenario, NewFileTime offers the flexibility to handle it.

While the core functionality of timestamp modification is NewFileTime's bread and butter, it doesn't stop there. The software includes additional features that can prove remarkably useful. 

For instance, you can:

  • Modify timestamps for entire folders and their contents, simplifying bulk operations
  • Use command-line parameters for automation and integration into scripts
  • Preserve original timestamps if you need to revert changes

Is NewFileTime Right for You?

The answer depends largely on how often you find yourself needing to tweak file timestamps. If it's a common occurrence in your work or personal file management, NewFileTime could save you a significant amount of time and hassle. The intuitive interface makes it accessible even if you're not particularly tech-savvy.

While NewFileTime excels in its core focus, it’s important to note that it's not a universal file management solution. It won't help you with tasks like renaming, duplication, or detailed file sorting. 

Consider it a specialized tool that does one thing exceptionally well, such as:

  • SetFileDate (Free):  A straightforward utility with a similar focus to NewFileTime. Lets you easily change file timestamps individually or in batches
  • Attribute Changer (Free):  Offers greater control over file attributes beyond just timestamps. You can modify created, modified, and accessed dates/times, alongside attributes like hidden, read-only, and more

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