Deep Freeze Standardfor Windows


Free PC core protection

Deep Freeze is a free security application that protects your computer from potential risks. Malicious software abounds on the Internet, and if you don’t have adequate protection, your computer could be at risk of being corrupted. It has similar functionality to Shadow Defender, Reboot Restore RX, Windows Defender, and Rollback RX.

Even if a friend uses your computer and downloads a suspect piece of software, Deep Freeze will protect the endpoints of your workstation. Once you reboot your PC, the system will be restored to the point you initially created.

Software requirements

The program packs a punch for its diminutive file size. The remarkable thing about this software is that it draws less processing power from the central processing unit. This means little to no effect on system performance. 

The app will run on machines that use Windows XP through to Windows 10 and will need 10% free space on your HDD. This makes usage effortless and saves on RAM and ROM when executing the program.  

Program features

The software is geared towards enterprise users but also equally benefits private individuals. Faronics have developed the free version for use on 1 to 10 workstations. Impressively, their restored technology is patented, providing peace of mind. 

The standard service plan offers a plethora of features such as password protection and safeguards for several hard drives and partitions. The software is available in 6 languages and allows you to freeze and thaw hard drives selectively. Additional tools are offered with the enterprise and cloud services. 

Plans and competitors

Deep Freeze offers a standard free version of the software and a paid service available upon order.

Shadow Defender and Reboot Restore offer much of the same tools but with differences in the software interface and usability. Rollback is another alternative software that protects your PC. 

Our take

Faronics have created a unique program with functionality that contributes to various sectors of the economy—Deep Freeze functions in the medical, retail, government, and education industries. We found the app to be efficient for new users and people with collective requirements too.

Should you download it?

Yes. This is a utility that will undoubtedly save PC users a lot of frustration. DF is an excellent product that provides ample security for machines that operate in high-usage environments or even within closed enterprises. Faronics has achieved several accolades from the industry, making them a trusted provider.


  • Faronics has a presence online which elicits trust from the user
  • Multitude of features available in the standard package
  • User-friendly interface
  • Application file size is minimal


  • Beginners may find it tricky to operate at first
  • There’s a slight learning curve

Program available in other languages

Deep Freeze Standardfor Windows

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