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Move and copy files with ease. Save time with this fast and accurate app. An easy drag and drop function makes it easy to transfer files.

Keep it moving

TeraCopy provides you with a reliable way to copy and transfer your files. This process is both easy and fast.

TeraCopy is easy to use and completely user-friendly. The intelligent software confirms that all files have been copied accurately, with no errors. By selecting this option, TeraCopy ensures that both copies are identical.

There is an option for the app to request a confirmation for transfer each time. This minimizes files being moved in error, from one location to another.

Pause downloads when you need to and then resume them again when you are ready.

One of the significant advantages of TeraCopy is that if there is a corrupt file within a large number of files you are copying, the app won’t stop. It will skip over the corrupt file and then highlight which file failed to transfer after the process is complete.

You can track your recent history, making it easier to access your regularly used folders and files.

There is a professional version of the app that is available for users, at a cost. The paid version offers functions like editing file lists and the ability to manage your favorite folders. Export reports in either HTML or CSV formats, using the paid version of the app.

Where can you run this program?

TeraCopy operates using the Windows operating platform. The app is an alternative to the standard Windows function on your PC.

Is there a better alternative?

This is a neutral comment. The standard Windows copy and move function is able and up to the task. Windows is the alternative to this software. Both are free and purely a matter of personal preference.

Our take

While the Windows function works well, the TeraCopy may be the preferred choice. This is based on the Windows app taking more time to transfer files.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are spending vast amounts of time copying files, this is a highly effective and useful app to download to your PC.

Teracopyfor Windows


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