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Free photo and video animating

Wombo by Ben-Zion Benkhin is a free photo and video app that animates your selfies. Choose from any of the popular songs and see yourself singing to that tune. Get it on your Android or iOS mobile devices. It offers a subscription option through in-app purchases.

Powered by AI

The Wombo AI uses deep-fake technology to bring your pictures to life. The AI algorithm transforms your picture into an animated singing video. To create comical and expressive videos follow these simple steps:

  • Upload a photo or selfie
  • Choose any tune
  • Share through email, social media, and Whatsapp.


Preceded by ReFace and FaceApp, Wombo is the newest development in the ever-increasing market for deepfake apps and meme templates. 

Hilarious karaoke videos

Snap a picture or upload any photo of a face looking directly at the camera. Make sure that the teeth are not showing. Then choose any song and watch how the AI works its magic. 

We recorded various people singing the available songs. When you select a piece, the app uses facial expressions and lip movements to create your photo’s animations. 

Wombo can animate any face. Use it to make hilarious videos using animal faces, 3D video game characters, or even politicians and famous stars.

The goal of the app is to entertain and doesn’t provide real-life animation. It has features like facial movements of rolling eyes and lifting eyebrows. 

Choose your song

Below are some of the popular songs that are available on Wombo.

  • We’re not gonna make it by Twisted Sister
  • All-Star by Smash Mouth
  • What is love by Haddaway
  • Chug Jug by Leviathan
  • I feel good by James Brown
  • Witch Doctor by Cartoons
  • Every time we touch by Casada
  • I will survive by Gloria Gaynor
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson

Our take

Wombo is an easy-to-use AI app to create hilarious karaoke-style animations. The videos are not realistic, but the goal is only to entertain. The free version is quite limited, and you need a subscription to take advantage of all the best features.

Should you download it?

Yes. It will provide plenty of fun with friends by taking turns to animate your selfies. You can only upload photos if you have a subscription.


  • Hilarious animation
  • Choose from a variety of popular songs
  • Easy to share via popular channels


  • Subscription required to use best features
  • Privacy concerns

Wombofor iOS


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