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Alternative Android screen launcher

Apex Launcher is an Android app that replaces the stock launcher on your smartphone, adding a wide range of extra features for smartphone customization. It lets you modify your home screen, organize everything it displays, and hide apps for privacy purposes. 

Advanced customization

Android is a flexible operating system with massive personalization possibilities. While the stock launcher is practical, third-party programs such as Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher provide more freedom in turning your smartphone into an avatar of your personality. 

Apex Launcher helps you tailor the smartphone interface and transforms it to boost efficiency. Despite requiring admin permissions, it guarantees safety with a Play Protection verification by Google. 

Unlike Evie Launcher, speed isn’t its best feature. Apex Launcher is lightweight and doesn’t drain your battery much, but there are several-seconds of delay after turning on your device. 

Comprehensive features

The impressive feature sets this app apart from the competition. Its selection of icon packs and themes (including a dark mode) creates a truly unique aesthetic for your display. The 3D transitions that activate when your screen is active are fantastic too.

Moreover, the grid sizes and labels make organization a breeze. Set up various gestures to activate apps through the intuitive user interface and take advantage of the infinite scrolling options on your screen. 

The cherry on top is the app's security feature. The lock feature lets you hide and secure apps on your phone with patterns and passwords. Plus, you can file specific photos and videos away from prying eyes while keeping them in your gallery.

Free vs. paid

This all-in-one tool is available free of charge. However, Apex Launcher Pro opens the doors to even more possibilities. The pro version increases the number of your drawer customization options, adds extra gestures, transition effects, and widgets. There’s also improved folder support and easier access to your unread notifications.

Our take

Apex Launcher is a slick, efficient app that meets the needs of any advanced Android user. Despite its drawbacks, it’s quick, safe, and well-executed.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking to personalize your display and improve your screen experience, this app is your answer.


  • Numerous customization options
  • Various available themes
  • Multiple icon packs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Boosts privacy


  • Slower than Android stock launcher
  • Requires device administrator permission

Program available in other languages

Apex Launcherfor Android


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