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Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns - Combination of Contra and Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is a game that combines the classic fun of Contra with the engaging gameplay of Vampire Survivors. This game invites players to join an epic battle where they'll face many enemies and tough challenges that require quick reflexes and smart strategies. It is available on Steam for Windows operating systems.

Vampire Survivors: Operatin Guns features

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns" offers a fresh twist on the beloved mechanics of its predecessor, introducing an array of features that both honor and innovate the classic Contra experience. Players can expect:

  • Character Arsenal: The expansion includes a variety of characters, each with unique traits and abilities. From Bill Rizer, the action-loving hero with a penchant for high-caliber firepower, to Lucia, a mysterious warrior whose past is as enigmatic as her combat skills are deadly. Each character brings their own strengths to the battlefield, allowing players to tailor their strategies to their playstyle.
  • Expansive Weaponry: The game boasts an impressive arsenal of 22 weapons, including:
    • Almost-homing missiles for precise strikes
    • High-tech blasters for rapid fire
    • The iconic Spread Shot for widespread damage
  • Evolution of Arms: Players can evolve their weapons into advanced prototypes, enhancing their destructive power and tactical utility.
  • Diverse Stages: The game features multiple biomes inspired by classic Contra levels such as Galuga Jungle, Neo City, and the Alien Zone. Each environment offers unique challenges and enemy types, keeping the gameplay varied and engaging.
  • Musical Tracks: A robust selection of classic Contra tracks and new covers add a nostalgic yet fresh auditory backdrop to the intense gameplay.

Can you have 7 weapons in Vampire Survivors?

Despite the vast arsenal available in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns, players are limited to equipping up to 6 weapons simultaneously. This limitation challenges players to make strategic choices about their loadout, balancing their need for firepower with the benefits of utility and defense weapons.

What do you need to evolve the guns in Vampire Survivors?

Evolving weapons in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns adds an extra layer of depth to the game’s strategy. To evolve a weapon, players must:

  • Maximize the weapon’s level through use.
  • Acquire specific items linked to the weapon.
  • Defeat an elite monster and secure the loot from the resultant chest.

The evolution mechanism encourages players to engage with every aspect of the game, from exploration and combat to strategic planning of their weapon upgrades.

The game does a great job of mixing old-school game challenges with the addictive elements that modern players love. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into games that keep you on your toes.


  • Very lightweight
  • Very fun gameplay despite its basic graphics
  • 12 new character and 2 new maps


  • Pretty easy gameplay

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Vampire Survivors: Operation Gunsfor Windows


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