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Real-time strategy is an immensely popular genre that many cerebral players enjoy. They Are Billions is one such game; it puts you and your settlement against the hungry undead.

Mixes elements from multiple genres

Face the zombie horde in this real-time strategy game as you protect your group of survivors.

Set in the distant steampunk future, your goal is to manage and build human colonies amid a zombie apocalypse. There are a few genres mixed into the game, which provides a lot of depth.

The game is survival oriented and incorporates many RTS mechanics along with a pinch of the tower defense genre mixed in. Collect resources, generate energy, build your encampment, increase your army size, and don’t die.

As you scavenge across this steampunk world you’ll face many tough decisions, some may have you leaving survivors behind as they get devoured.

When starting there is only a small variety of units for you to command. As you approach the later stages, you’ll only use the strongest of your forces to win.

Where can you run this program?

They Are Billions is installable on computers that have Windows 7 or newer operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. This is a decent RTS game, but there are better options out there. The Age of Empires series is one of the most prominent series in this genre. AoE offers more interactive gameplay and an ever-changing environment.

Our take

We Are Billions is an ok game, but with all its flaws and lack of variety it’s recommended only for fans of the genre.

Should you download it?

No. If you are looking for a real-time strategy game to get lost in, this isn’t it. Instead, you should look at a title in the Age of Empires or Total War Franchises.

They Are Billionsfor Windows


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