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Stream your favorite radio shows and podcasts

TuneIn is a radio app that brings you more than just your local stations. You can stream thousands of different live radio stations and save your favorites, so that you can come back and listen again. It is a blend of music, news, sports, and talk radio available through either a free service or premium subscription.

Spoiled for choice

TuneIn gives you inspiration for what you would like to listen to, and then continues delivering content to keep you entertained.

This streaming app is easy to navigate. The icons and text used to display content are well set out and clear, so making choices is straightforward and fast. There is a lot of content available: podcasts, sports shows, radio stations, and songs are all at your disposal.

You can listen to tango music from Argentina or jazz from New Orleans. The search function allows you to find what you need from the broad content. You can do this by location, genre, and media type to discover what you want quickly.

TuneIn mixes the functions of classic radio with the technology of the modern age. You can follow your favorite stations, and share them on social media. The app also adapts to the car, with a simpler interface and large buttons that can be adjusted as easily as your car radio. For anyone who wants to fall asleep or wake up to the radio, there is a sleep timer function, clock, and alarm.

While the white space in the app makes the interface easy to use, it is very bright, especially if used at night. A dark mode or an option to change the appearance would make it more nighttime- and morning-friendly.

Where can you run this program?

TuneIn requires iOS 10.3 and above for use.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Whether you use the free service or a subscription, this app provides interesting batches of content. Radio Tray provides a similar product, however, if you’re looking for competitors.

Our take

If you want to listen to a specific song, you're better off with a music streaming app, as TuneIn won’t fit the bill. If you'd like to hear some classics or discover content that suits your taste, this app delivers over and above expectations.

Should you download it?

Yes. For all things audio, you’ll find that this app does a great job.


  • Wide variety of content
  • Easy to use
  • Broad search function
  • Adaptable


  • Uncomfortable appearance

TuneIn - Radio and Podcastsfor iOS


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