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TubeMate is a free video and music downloader that you can install on your Windows computer. The program downloads videos in a variety of file types and qualities, but its interface design is old-fashioned and unattractive. Additionally, you can select only the audio stream when fetching items from YouTube.

Download videos

TubeMate Video Music Downloader has various features that make it easy to download a video from YouTube. While setting up the process, you can select the video quality, including 4K, HD, 1080p, and 720p. Additionally, you’re able to choose the filetype it saves as. The available file types include MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, and AAC.

Save music to your computer

Along with videos, TubeMate downloads the audio stream from YouTube to create MP3 tracks. This option is excellent as you can create a playlist for free on your computer. However, the audio stream files are more limited in selection and may suffer from decreased quality.


TubeMate Video Music Downloader is entirely free to download and runs on your Windows computer. Any videos you download are at no cost, and you will not get charged for any item you save. The software is safe to install and will not harm your computer.

Unpleasant interface

The TubeMate Video Music Downloader interface is old-fashioned and extremely painful to look at. The app displays a large area for pasting the link to the song or video you want to download.

Unable to download every video

Unfortunately, when attempting to download videos from YouTube, TubeMate will not display the download button on some videos. This limitation makes the application feel useless at times as it cannot perform its only purpose and there is no workaround available.

Our take

Overall, TubeMate Video Music Downloader is a great application to have on your computer if you dislike the alternatives. Many apps function just as well as TubeMate while sporting a leaner interface. These alternatives include WinX YouTube Downloader and the browser extension Helper.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re looking to download YouTube videos, there are many better options available that download files consistently.


  • Free
  • Downloads videos and music
  • Supports common formats such as MP4, and MP3


  • Some videos cannot be downloaded

Program available in other languages

TubeMate Video Music Downloaderfor Windows


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