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Free downloads extension for Chromium browsers

If you’re looking for an easy way to download video and music to your Windows device, then Helper is a great option. It works on a huge number of video-hosting and social media sites, including YouTube and Facebook.

What is Helper? Helper is an extension that can be added to any Chromium-based browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera.

When you click on a video or music track on video-hosting or social media sites, it makes it easy to download it to your device for offline use.

Is Helper Safe?

You can be confident that it’s safe if you install it from your browser’s own store. It’s available from the developer’s website, and the Opera, Microsoft, and Google add-in stores. 

As always, if you choose to download it from elsewhere, there is the risk of the supplier bundling it with PUPs.

How do I use 

First, you should click on the media on the hosting website and you’ll see a green ‘Download’ button with a white arrow on it. Then you may go ahead and choose the file size (if offered) from the drop-down. After, all that’s left is for you to click on the arrow. Your browser’s downloads manager will do the rest, and you’ll have the choice of just opening the file or saving it to your device.

How do I get rid of helper?

If the extension is in your browser’s toolbar, just right-click on it and then left-click ‘Remove’. Alternatively, you can go to the extensions list in the browser and click on the remove button.

What can I use instead of

Two particularly good alternative applications are 4K Video Downloader and YTD. It’s worth mentioning that these are programs as opposed to browser extensions, so they’ll take up a little more space on your device. Nevertheless, they are both quite small files. 

Our take

In our view, this is the most intuitive arrangement we’ve seen for downloading media. Creating an extension is a smart move, as it automatically presents the download button for convenient use.

Should you download it?

Definitely – it’s free and safe. Add the extension from the relevant add-in store for extra peace of mind. It takes up next to zero system resources and you’ll be able to download media with a single click.


  • Works in any chromium-based browser
  • Single-click to stat downloads
  • Always available
  • Free extension
  • Easy to remove


  • It isn’t necessary to install anything – you can go to the website and paste the link to your chosen media Helperfor Windows


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