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Train Sim - Realistic train simulator on iOS

Train Sim is a popular game that lets you feel like you are driving real trains. It is perfect for anyone who loves trains or just wants to try something new and fun. This game has amazing graphics that make everything look super realistic, from the trains to the landscapes. You can get it on your iPhone and iPad.

Very realistic graphics and experience offered

This game is one of the best train simulators you can find on the App Store. It is very realistic, but there is more to discover. Check them out below:

  • Super Realistic Graphics: The game looks amazing, with trains and places that seem just like the real thing.
  • Lots of Trains and Cars: You get to play with over 60 different trains and 40 types of train cars, which means lots of variety and fun.
  • Cool Places to Explore: There are 11 different places to take your trains, even an underground subway. You can also make your own places to play in.
  • Feel Like a Real Train Driver: You can see the inside of the trains, deal with train derailments, and hear real train sounds, which makes it feel like you're actually driving a train.
  • Great for Kids: The game is made to be safe and fun for kids to play too.

Different fun modes

Train Sim has something for everyone, whether you want to drive the train or just watch and enjoy. You can do things like:

  • Drive Trains: Be in charge and drive the train on different tracks.
  • Missions: Pick up passengers or carry freight to make your game more exciting.
  • Ride as a Passenger: Sit back and enjoy the view from inside the train.
  • Watch from the Ground: Get out and watch the train go by from the ground.

Terrain types

The game lets you drive trains in lots of different places, which keeps things interesting. You can explore:

  • Places Around the World: From the countryside in Southern England to mountains and the wide-open American Midwest.
  • City and Country Scenes: Drive through big cities, ports, airports, and even subways.
  • Exotic Locations: Visit places like India, Japan, or the California Coast.
  • Make Your Own Scenes: You can even create your own places to drive your trains.


  • Realistic graphics
  • Differen terrain types and modes
  • Over 60 different trains


  • Kicks you out at times

Program available in other languages

Train Simfor iOS


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