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American Farming: Realistic farming experience

American Farming is a popular game for those who dream of cultivating vast lands, operating massive machinery, and managing various livestock operations. This iOS game transports players into the heart of America's agricultural landscape, offering a rich, immersive experience. From the get-go, players can choose from two starter farms, aiming to expand into a large-scale farming operation that spans over 1,000 acres and features iconic American architecture and landscapes.

American Farming features

At the core of "American Farming" is a suite of features designed to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Smart AI Helpers: The game boasts intelligent AI workers who assist in various farm tasks, making management smoother and more realistic.
  • Controller and Tilt Support: Whether you prefer traditional controls or tilt functions, the game has you covered, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive gameplay experience.
  • Comprehensive Tutorial and Help: New to farming games? No worries. "American Farming" includes detailed tutorials and a helpful menu to guide you through.
  • Customize Your Farmer: With over 35 clothing options, you can personalize your character to reflect your style, adding a personal touch to your farming adventure.

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Gameplay, equipment and more

Let’s move on to its gameplay and other features:

Livestock Management

Players get to dive into the intricacies of livestock farming with several types of operations:

  • From Piglets to Hogs: Begin with raising piglets and watch them grow into full-sized hogs.
  • Cattle Farming: Care for calves, raising them to yearlings and eventually, steers.
  • Dairy Farming: Manage a complete dairy operation, from calves and heifers to mature cows.
  • Manure Management: Utilize liquid and solid manure as fertilizers, employing equipment like the Balzer Manure tanker and H&S or Meyer Spreaders.

Crops and Fertilization

  • Variety of Crops: Grow corn, soybeans, and wheat, experiencing the process of grain drying at bin sites.
  • Fertilization Needs: Learn about the essential nutrients crops need, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and use various forms of nitrogen fertilizers for optimal growth.
  • Crop Rotation: Master the art of rotating crops for efficient fertilizer use.

Equipment Galore

  • Vast Selection of Vehicles: Choose from over 75 vehicles and implements, including massive tractors like the Case QuadTrac 600 and detailed implements like the Landoll 60ft Field Cultivator.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your tractors with different models and tire options to suit your farming needs.
  • Historic Tractors: Experience farming with classic models like the International 1206.
  • Efficient Transport: Use ATVs, dirt bikes, lowboy trailers, and gooseneck trailers for efficient farm management and equipment haulage.

Its attention to detail, extensive equipment list, and realistic farm operations promise an engaging and authentic farming experience. 


  • Realistic gameplay
  • Big variety of equipment


  • Crashes at times

Program available in other languages

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