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Beautify your device with themes

Specifically made for ColorOS devices, Theme Store is a free personalization app that offers a collection of themes, fonts, wallpapers, and video ringtones that are fully compatible with your system to spice up your device. It also lets you browse seamlessly across various filters, thanks to its clean user interface.

Large catalog of style tools

The Theme Store app offers nothing but customization elements; thus, it's all you can find when you launch the app. The overall user experience is smooth and browsing for new themes, fonts, and wallpapers is an easy feat thanks to its UI. However, this app is only made for ColorOS, which is the native operating system for OPPO devices, so if you own a device from a different manufacturer, this is not for you. Still, OPPO device owners can find themselves having fun choosing different styles from the catalog.

Not for everyone

In conclusion, Theme Store is an app designed for OPPO device owners that provides a large catalog of customization elements for ColorOS. Its clean user interface makes browsing seamless and enjoyable. However, this app is only for OPPO devices, so users with devices from different manufacturers are out of luck.

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Theme Storefor Android


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