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The Tricky Mod is a free rhythm game mod for the original game Friday Night Funkin’ like Vs Whitty, Vs. Sky, and Vs Shaggy that adds a new villain and features. In this installment, you’ll face Tricky the clown in three rounds. It hosts a full week of episodes, but you’ll need to have the skills to beat your challenging opponent.

The Friday Night Funkin’ mod plays like the original game and other add-ons. There’s a meter that fills up every time you hit an arrow correctly to the sounds of music. If you get it wrong, you’ll lose some points. You’ll need to end the round with a higher score than your opponent.

Sing to the music

When you start playing The Tricky Mod - Friday Night Funkin’, you’ll find a clown named Tricky challenging you to a rap music battle. While you still have your heart set on the Girlfriend, playing as the Boyfriend, the new opponent is keen on taking you down. You’ll need to match arrow keys as shown on the screen to build points and defeat him.

Challenging modes

The game has Easy, Intermediate, and Hard modes. If you’re new to FNF mechanics, it is best to start with the easy mode until you get the hang of it. The harder the mode, the faster the beats, which means you’ll need to work your fingers faster on the keyboard.


Once you complete all three modes, you’ll unlock Freeplay. You can play the rounds as you wish in any order you want, while there are some other challenges that may await you. You can also just sit back and listen to the music if you want, as there are great soundtracks.

Our take

The Tricky Mod - Friday Night Funkin’ has short gameplay that lasts three rounds, and it plays much like every other FNF mods available. However, there are three challenging modes that make victory feel sweet, especially if you’re struggling to keep up. It’s entertaining and a fun installment for fans of the game.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’ve been playing FNF and the other mods. Even if it’s your first time, download the base game to get a taste before you try the Tricky Mod.


  • Entertaining music
  • New character to beat
  • Winning feels rewarding


  • Short-lived gameplay
  • Just like every other FNF mod

The Tricky Mod - Friday Night Funkin'for Windows


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